What is a QR Code?

Start Improving Your Marketing Efforts by using QR Codes

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What is a QR Code?

Look around you and you’ll see them in newspapers and magazines, at bus stops, local events and outside of restaurants. But what are those funny looking squares?

A QR code is a 2-D barcode that can be scanned by a smart phone’s camera and transfer information. Based on the type of code it is, it might direct the customer to a mobile optimized website, link to your Facebook Business page, make a phone call, deliver a coupon and more.

How scanning a QR Code Works

The concept is simple. You have a mobile optimized site or a landing page where you want to direct customers. You have your QR code advertised somewhere, like your business cards and printed media. The customer scans the QR code and gets taken to your mobile website or Facebook Business Page. Scanning the code allows consumers to immediately access or interact with information that they’re interested in, learn more about your company or access coupons that you provide. They do this through their phones anywhere, anytime.

For example, your customers can scan the QR code on your business card with their Smartphone and immediately link to your Facebook business page where they can like the page or you can also link it to any other mobile optimized website.

QR codes are very easy to use and are very practical for businesses to improve their marketing and advertise their current promotions and services.

What can you “Link” on a QR Code?
  • Your Facebook Business page
  • A Restaurant menu
  • A video clip
  • A discount voucher
  • A Survey
  • A competition entry form
  • An event registration form
  • A property for sale
  • Items for sale
  • …or any product or service information that you offer !

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