Glow in Graphics is a professional sign company with more than 10 years of sign design, management, sign repair and installation project experience.

Your signs and brand are our top priority. When you partner with Glow in Graphics, you get THE experts in sign management. Our spirit of service motivates us every day to help you manage your sign projects faster while lowering your overall costs.

We do the job right and help you
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Whether you’re looking for electrical or non-electrical signs, the right store sign can help brand your business and put a face to your company. People will remember a well-made sign that catches their attention, making it easier for them to remember your company and to put you ahead of the competition.

As Sign makers, we supply exterior signs, interior signs, window graphics, exhibition displays, banners, vehicle graphics and more in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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The Right Sign for Your Business

Our graphic designers work with you to create a design for your project that gets you noticed. We spend time with all of our customers answering the following questions before beginning your project:

  • Where will the sign be used? Interior, exterior, vehicle?
  • How long will it be displayed?
  • What type of material would best suit the project?
  • Would your sign benefit from additional color, custom hardware and lamination?
  • Does your project require permitting? Installation?
  • Is your logo or artwork in the appropriate format or do we need to correct it for you?

We will help you decide on the right sign for your project. We’ll provide you the sketches and detailed drawings needed to completely understand what your sign will look like, how it will be manufactured, and installed.

We believe that your signs are a reflection of your business or organization and that they should work with your branding efforts to present a professional message every time.

Call us today for help with your next sign project!
We will come to your location!! ( 281)645-9164

We specialize in all types of custom signs including:

  • Sandblasted Signs
  • Carved Signs
  • Channel Letter Signs
  • LED Front Lighted Channel Letters
  • Reverse Channel Letters
  • Light box Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Illuminated Pylon Signs
  • Custom Acrylic Letters and Logo Signs
  • Directory Signs for Plazas, Office Parks, Condominiums
  • Custom Cut Metal Letters
  • Fabricated Metal Letters
  • Custom Acrylic and Metal Logo Signs
  • Dimensional Signs
  • Parking Lot Signs, Posts and Hardware
  • Custom Parking Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Custom Sign Posts
  • Banners and Banner Stands
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Magnetic Signs
  • Full Color Digital Printing and Signs
  • Metal Signs
  • Corrugated Yard Signs and Golf Tournament Signs
  • Lettering and Vehicle Graphics for Cars, Trucks, Boats, Trailers
  • Custom Bronze, Aluminum and Brass Plaques
  • Custom Vinyl and Full Color Decals
  • Posters and much more!

Channel Letters

Visibility is crucial for any business today but without an attractive store front, it is not possible for a business to survive in the competition today. Fortunately, our LED channel letters will provide you just the kind of visibility you need to bring in those customers through your front door.

Our LED or neon channel letters are used frequently by stores and franchises to make their store stand out from the rest. These front lit and back lit channel letters are designed by our highly experienced and creative team and manufactured using neon LEDs business establishments of all types.


Banners & Flat Signs

With the competition becoming fiercer across industries, there has been an increasing need to take proactive measures to keep the future of your company secure. With the help of Glow In Graphics, you can now a cost effective marketing solution. Our high quality full color banners are custom designed and cost effective, these banners can increase the brand awareness of your company and provide you more visibility. Our professional and creative team creates cheap banners that are colorful and eye catching, grabbing the attention of passer bys in an instant. These Texas banners have been designed to provide you cost effectiveness along with increased visibility.


Interior Sign

Choose Glow in Graphics for the interior signage you need to direct your visitors through your building. We specialize in creating custom interior signs based on your unique needs, whether you require interior directional signage or identification signs for rooms, offices, etc. These on-premise signs show visitors how to get to their destination. Interior signage can also be used to identify different businesses within a large office building.


Exterior Sign

Windows present an excellent opportunity for advertising. Whether your store or shop is in a mall, on a main street, or a back road, your windows are your potential customers eyes into your business. In general, Houston businesses are allowed to use window lettering and graphics that cover around 20-25% of the window area. In many cases, no permits are required. This opens up a world of opportunity to showcase your products, advertise specials and let customers peek into your business as they drive by.


Vinyl Signs

Glow in Graphics has the vinyl signage for your business, offering you endless options for colors, designs and styles. Vinyl signage can be installed on nearly any surface, providing exceptional versatility, whether you want your signage advertising your company on a door or you want a graphic for your storefront window.


Coroplast / Real Estate Signs

Glow in Graphics can create attractive full color signs for your Real Estate Agency. From your logo, or we can help you create your logo. Whether you are part of a National company or a smaller local company, we have the products like coroplast signs, yard signs, banners and more. We have the tools you need to sell your properties faster.


Channel Letter Signs are a popular option for businesses who want to attract customers throughout the day and night. These signs are commonly seen in strip malls, indoor malls, office buildings, and restaurants. We can recreate your logo-in-lights using cost-effective LED lighting or Non-Illuminated for lower cost advertising.

LED Channel Letters offer energy savings and are easier to maintain than neon. LED Channel Letters are fabricated using Aluminum, Acrylic, LED Lighting Components and Plastic Trim Cap. There is an array of color options available, so you can create the right combinations of colors for your Channel Letter sign.

Glow in Graphics produces premium Non-Illuminated aluminum letters that are made for depth and longevity. Non-Illuminated Channel Letters are popular choices for smaller business. They are big, clear, and stylish. Non-Illuminated channel letters are also cheaper and do not require electricity.

Non-Illuminated channel letters are formed with high gauge aluminum and are routed into letters, shapes, and logos.