Getting a Sign Permit in the City of Houston


Houston Sign Permit

In the city of Houston, sign permits must be obtained before signs can be erected, altered or repaired. A Houston Sign Permit can be obtained from the Sign Administration Division, Planning and Development Department are issued only to a licensed sign contractor. The city of Houston requires anyone hoping to erect a new billboard or a storefront sign to visit the Houston Permitting Center in order to receive permission to set up their sign.

So the big question is, what needs to be done in order to obtain a sign permit, and what requirements does your business need to meet?

As a licensed sign contractor for the city of Houston, Glow In Graphics performs accurate surveys and procure and obtain permits, ensuring all your signage is in compliance with all local laws, codes, regulations and ordinances. We handle all the details so you can rest easy.


Know what does and doesn’t require a Houston Sign Permit

Needs a Sign Permit

Doesn’t Need Permit

  • Outdoor display Signs
  • Any means of advertising or identifying
    a business, activity, or service
  • Banners Larger Than 40 square feet in area.
  • Indoor signs (unless they’re electrical)
  • A temporary ground sign less than 40 square feet in area
  • A temporary banner less than 40 square feet in area
  • Signs painted on glass surfaces, doors, or windows
  • Government signs; this includes signs erected by counties,
    the State of Texas, or the federal government
  • Railroad signs
  • Directional signs less than 6 square feet in area

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    Do you Need a Permit for your Storefront Sign?

    Houston Sign Permit
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    Q: Are permits required to install a sign?
    A: Yes, in most instances.

    Q: Can I put up my own sign at my own business?
    A: A permit may be issued as long as the business owner is installing a non-illuminated sign at his/her business and is performing all of the work. The business owner’s ground/pole sign may not exceed 10 feet in overall height and/or exceed 100 square feet in cabinet/display size. Wall signs must be no higher than 16 feet measured from the ground level to the top of the sign. A land survey showing utility easements is required.

    Q: How many signs may I have at my business?
    A: Each business is allowed a total of 5 signs and can choose between a combination of ground/pole or building/wall signs.

    Q: Where can I place a sign on my property?
    A: Signs must be wholly contained on private property, not placed in a utility easement unless permission from the utility has been granted. The sign placement may not impede visibility and not too close to power lines.

    Q: Do I need a permit for a banner sign?
    A: Yes. The City of Houston revised the Sign Code in October 2006 and banners must be permitted.

    Q: May I place signs in the street median or telephone poles?
    A: No. This is prohibited. It is illegal to place signs anywhere in the public right-of-way. Any sign placed in the right-of-way will be confiscated and subject yourself to citations.

    Q: Do interior signs require permits?
    A: Interior signs do not require a permit unless it is electrical.

    Always Remember:

    Keep it on your property

    Not too complicated – but you’d be amazed how many people miss this simple step!

    No more than 5 signs.

    The City requires that businesses may have no more than 5 signs which require a permit to be on their premises. This can be any combination of ground/pole signs and building/wall signs.

    Don’t forget to renew!

    The city of Houston requires that each permit must be renewed every 2 years. Specifically, you must renew it within the time period of 30 days before to 60 days prior of the conclusion of the 3 year period